About Us

We are a passionate beauty company with expertise in nutrition and taste. A scientific collaboration between two Spanish companies that have a well established international presence and a clear strategy of investing in research, innovation and new technology.

For us, skin goes deep. We don’t just work on the surface of things. We nourish and protect where others can’t reach. We use science to empower nature and deliver what your skin needs from the inside out.

We would rather feed your skin than feed the sceptics. We don’t beg for approval, we think differently and we are prepared to break the conventional rules of beauty. We don’t do what you are supposed to. We play around, dare to explore and set our own path. And we have the patents to prove it.

There may not be an elixir of youth. But if antioxidants are the superheroes of skincare, then MACRO-antioxidants® are the Gods.

Backed by science, we defy the doubters. We believe that true beauty comes from within. And we dedicate ourselves to unleashing the beauty, in all of us, that has yet to be seen.