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Antioxidants are substances that protect all of our body cells, including those of the skin from oxidative damage from the environment and the everyday ‘wear and tear’ that causes ageing. Their health benefits have been widely studied and include supporting the immune system, keeping the eyes healthy, protecting brain function, heart health and reducing the risk of many common diseases.1

Oxidative damage is caused by a group of molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are continually produced in the body, as a result of normal, everyday bodily processes. More are produced due to various external factors, such as UV radiation, pollution, stress, smoking and poor diet. These molecules are highly volatile and unstable by nature, which means that if left unchecked, they damage cells and tissues throughout the body, including collagen in the skin.

It is the job of antioxidants to ‘mop up’ these free radicals, neutralising them and preventing them from doing harm. The body has its own inbuilt antioxidant systems and we also obtain further antioxidants through our diet.

Provided this system stays in balance, and we have enough antioxidants to ‘zap’ the free radicals, we stay healthy. However, if the quantity of free radicals being produced overwhelms the antioxidant defences we get problems, such as premature ageing and an increased risk of developing certain diseases.

We therefore have two key aims; firstly to reduce the quantity of free radicals being produced by limiting our exposure to the factors above, such as UV rays and smoking; and secondly to maximise our intakes of dietary antioxidants. Both these actions will tip the antioxidant-free radical balance in the right direction for optimum health.

Antioxidants are found in all plant foods and drinks. They are present to protect the plants themselves from environmental damage, from things like the weather or insect attacks. When we eat the plants, the lovely protective antioxidant properties are passed on to us!

Antioxidants are therefore an essential ally in our fight against ageing, and the more we can take in through our diet, the better. Antioxidants put the ‘super’ into ‘super-foods’ such as blueberries and dark chocolate and are one of the key reasons you are always being told to eat your fruit and veg!


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Beauty & Go beauty drinks contain MACRO-antioxidants®, which are larger and more powerful versions of the antioxidants we get from our usual foods. They are a super-charged version of the antioxidants we already know…and this of course means they deliver even more of the health benefits.

Exclusive to Beauty & Go, MACRO-antioxidants® are extracted from the skin and peel of fruits and are therefore not part of our usual diet. The most powerful antioxidants are found here, as this is where they are needed most to protect the fruits themselves from environmental damage. In fact, they represent 50-70% of the fruit’s total antioxidant capacity. MACRO-antioxidants® also remain in the body for longer because they are bound to fruit fibres, resulting in our antioxidant status being raised for significantly longer; up to 6-8 hours according to studies.

The health benefits of MACRO-antioxidants® are backed by 15 years of scientific research carried out by the Spanish National Research Council. They have been proven to be extremely effective at fighting the effects of free radical damage to skin. In addition, Beauty & Go drinks are a rich source of ‘regular’ antioxidants from specially selected antioxidant-rich fruits, fruit extracts, concentrates and botanicals.

Antioxidant Dietary Fibre

Beauty & Go drinks contain a special type of fibre, extracted from fruits and vegetables called antioxidant dietary fibre. Antioxidant dietary fibre combines both antioxidant properties and the benefits of dietary fibre, in one substance. This powerful protective compound passes into the large intestine where it has what’s known as a ‘prebiotic effect’, meaning that it feeds and encourages the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria. The antioxidants bound to the fibre also exert their magic here, helping to keep the environment of the gut even healthier via their antioxidant actions. Regular intake of Beauty & Go drinks, can therefore contribute to maintaining a healthy gut environment and a favourable balance of gut bacteria.

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Your Antioxidant Shopping List

Eating 7-10 servings of different brightly coloured fruits and vegetables every day, along with pulses, nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, green tea and small amounts of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate is the foundation of an antioxidant-rich diet. In addition to this, your daily Beauty & Go will provide further antioxidant protection that cannot be obtained through the diet. 

The following foods are particularly rich sources of dietary antioxidants to add to your weekly shopping list

BerriesBlackcurrants & blueberries come top along with ‘super-berries’ like goji and açai, but all berries are good1 x day
OrangesBlood oranges contain even more2-4 x week
GrapesSable are best, then black and red2-4 x week
PomegranatePomegranate concentrate, in all Beauty & Go drinks, delivers high antioxidant capacity, due to the presence of punicalagins, which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. 2-4 x week
TomatoesBaby plum contain most and cooking doubles the content of antioxidant lycopene. Tomato purée is a rich source. 4-5 x week
BroccoliPurple sprouting is even better3-4 x week
Dark Green Leafy vegKale, spinach, rocket & cabbage are top1 x day
Orange VegetablesGo for sweet potato, carrots and squash2-4 x week
Red peppersContain more than green and yellow peppers2-4 x week
PulsesBlack beans and kidney beans contain the most antioxidants3-4 x week
WholegrainsBlack and red rice contain more than brown rice. Same applies to quinoa. 2 x day
Nuts & SeedsChia seeds especially good source1-2 x day
TeaGreen tea is a great source, white contains even more1-3 x day
TurmericTry making your own golden milk (turmeric, cinnamon, honey & nut milk)! Drinking this before bed aides relaxation and helps boost the immune system while sleeping2-4 x week
Fresh herbsSuch as oregano, dill, thyme, rosemary, mint1 handful daily
Dark ChocolateCacao is very high in antioxidants. Raw chocolate is even better1-3 squares daily