I’m so excited to have been asked to work with Beauty & Go and cannot wait to tell you about their new range of beauty drinks. They combine two of my favourite things — nutrition and beauty — in one gorgeous, neon bottle!




But first of all, a short presentation about me:


My name is Daisy and I am a fully qualified Nutritionist also trained in nutritional therapy. After starting my career in the food supplements industry, I turned freelance and currently my work involves consulting, writing, tutoring and giving workshops to high-profile, corporate clients in London and around the UK.

I cover all areas of nutrition and my areas of specialism include weight management and anti-ageing. I am a passionate cook and healthy recipe creator.



What is a Beauty Drink?



Beauty drinks are a new concept, among a growing trend for ‘nutri-cosmetics’ – foods, drinks and supplements that provide beauty benefits from within. These benefits are above and beyond those you would obtain from just eating normal foods.

Beauty & Go drinks contain specific combinations of powerful and concentrated plant extracts, super-foods, and nutrients to improve the condition and appearance of your skin, thus making you more beautiful!

At the same time, they are great for health, providing 1 of your 5-a-day and lots of lovely, fruity, goodness!

How Do They Work?


foto2Beauty & Go drinks contain a new ‘breed’ of antioxidants, called MacroAntioxidants®. These are basically a super-charged, bigger, better and more powerful version of the antioxidants we already know…and this of course means they deliver even more of the benefits (see below for a recap on antioxidants).

MacroAntioxidants® are found in the skin and peel of fruits (as this is where they are needed most to protect the fruit from environmental damage). They are sourced from fruit skins we don’t eat, like orange peel and pomegranate skins, so are not part of our usual diets.

MacroAntioxidants® are also absorbed more slowly (due to their large size), so when combined with ‘regular’ smaller antioxidants (absorbed more quickly), you get a gradual release of antioxidants over time, meaning that your antioxidant status is raised for significantly longer (6-8 hours according to research conducted by the Spanish National Research Council).



Antioxidants protect all of our body cells, including those of the skin, from damage from the environment (smoke, pollution, stress, bad diet, etc.) and the everyday ‘wear and tear’ that causes ageing and some diseases. This damage is carried out by another group of molecules known as ‘free radicals’ and the job of antioxidants is to literally ‘mop up’ free radicals to prevent them from causing harm.

Antioxidants put the ‘super’ into ‘super-foods’ such as blueberries and dark chocolate and are one of the key reasons you are always told to eat your fruit and veg!

Antioxidants are present in plants to protect the plants themselves from environmental damage (from things like the weather or insect attacks). When we eat the plants, these lovely protective properties are passed on to us!

Other Bioactive Ingredients:


Beauty & Go drinks contain a healthy cocktail of other skin-feeding nutrients including vitamins, minerals, collagen, hyaluronic acid, fruit and vegetable extracts and herbals. There are way too many to discuss all of them, but here are a few:

Collagen and hyaluronic acid have been shown in studies to have anti-ageing benefits such as improving skin elasticity.

Vitamins include ‘skin hero” vitamin A, needed for new skin cell formation and maintaining skin’s ‘integrity’ (keeping it firm and damage-resistant). Vitamin E helps skin retain moisture, aids skin healing and protects against sunburn.

Zinc is in the detox drink, which we know helps acne sufferers and promotes skin healing and repair.

Real fruit and vegetable extracts include broccoli, pomegranate and red grape. Other super-foods include nutrient-rich, detoxifying spirulina and super-antioxidant green tea, along with herbals like skin-soothing aloe vera and digestive aid dandelion.

Other Benefits


Beauty & Go drinks are also free from unwanted extras that (much to my dismay) are so often found in supposedly ‘healthy foods’ such as added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavourings.

They are also surprisingly low in calories with only 87.5 per drink. The drinks are gluten-free and because they are completely natural with no added sugar, they are safe for everyone even pregnant women and diabetics.

There are 4 drinks each with different benefits:

(illuminating, hydrating and glowing effect)
(revitalizing and anti-fatigue)
(improves elasticity, firms and reduces wrinkles)
(detoxifies, purifies and cleanses skin)

You can either mix-and-match the drinks as and when you need them (e.g. vitality for special occasions and detox the morning after!) or stick to one type if you have a specific skin concern to address such as anti-ageing.