Prepare Your Skin for Summer

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We all want glowing, radiant skin in the summer and on holiday, especially as we tend to wear less make-up in the hot weather. The food you eat can have a visible effect on your skin and now is the time to start making changes to see the full benefits in time for summer.

Step 1: Cleanse from the Inside

If you suffer from skin congestion or breakouts, begin by giving your skin a good clean from the inside out. Cutting out toxins from your diet and including 1 SKIN DETOX drink daily for 1 month will help flush out any toxins that have accumulated over the winter. Cut out processed foods, sugar and alcohol from now onwards, to give your system and skin a cleanse.

I also recommend daily body brushing using a natural bristled brush. This will stimulate your lymphatic system and circulation, improving overall skin condition and helping banish cellulite. By starting now, you will see a difference by summer. Now is also the time to start becoming more active, as regular exercise will further stimulate circulation, to help your body detoxify. Better circulation also aids nutrient delivery to all the cells of the body including the skin.

Step 2: Build Up Your Natural Defences

The next step is to start building up your skin’s natural defences against sun damage. While a little sun is good for us, boosting our mood and stimulating vitamin D production in the skin, too much is your skin’s worst enemy. UV rays are believed to be the single largest contributor to skin ageing. Protecting our skin against UV damage is therefore an integral part of any beauty regime and wearing SPF must always be our first line of defence. In addition to this, certain foods and nutrients can provide some additional protection.

Some antioxidant nutrients can act in a similar (but weaker) way to sunscreen – when the sun’s rays hit the skin, they move upwards and form a protective shield. Several studies have shown that in this way, antioxidants can provide some protection against UV rays and can even reduce sunburn.1-3 The protective effects you get from foods are not instant, so this is something to build up from at least 1-2 months before the summer or a holiday.

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Beta-carotene and lutein have both been shown to have protecting effects against UV damage. Beta-carotene is found in carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe melon, spinach, kale and mango. Lutein is found in spinach, kale, other dark green leafy vegetables, leeks, peas, and egg yolks. Include a couple of servings of these foods every day from now on.

Lycopene is another nutrient providing natural protection against the sun. In one study, participants who ate lycopene-rich tomato paste for 12 weeks experienced 48% less reddening following exposure to UV light.4 Lycopene is found in tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers, mango and papaya so include at least one serving of these every day too.

Green tea has been shown to protect skin against sun damage, so get drinking! I would include 1-3 cups per day and decaf is available for anyone who avoids caffeine.

Step 3: Prevent Dehydration

Another effect of sun exposure and hot weather is dehydration of the skin, so preserving moisture levels is another key step. Drinking plenty of water is fundamental – you need 1.5-2 litres per day and more if exercising or sweating in the hot weather. Essential fats are also important, acting as a natural moisturiser from within, to keep skin soft and supple. Include oily fish 2-3 times per week and a serving of nuts or seeds every day; chia seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts are especially good. The omega-3s essential fats found in oily fish also reduce inflammation in the body, which can help with heat rashes and sunburn.

Hyaluronic acid is another fantastic skin hydrator; it works by attracting water molecules into the skin, and also has the ability to regulate inflammation, help maintain elasticity and suppleness of skin and is involved in skin regeneration and repair.

Step 4: Prepare With Beauty & Go SUMMER SKIN

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The combination of nutrients and superfoods in Beauty & Go SUMMER SKIN builds up your skin’s natural defences before you go in the sun, provides protection while you are in the sun and has restorative effects following sun exposure.

  • V5 Multivitamin Complex provides five essential vitamins, including antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.
  • MACRO-antioxidants® sourced from the skin and peel of fruits provide three times longer lasting protection against oxidative damage.
  • Coenzyme Q10, beta-carotenes from carrots and green tea provide further antioxidant
  • Other ingredients include soothing aloe vera, calming chamomile, antioxidant rich grape and essential mineral zinc for skin healing and repair and preventing scar formation.
  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid help maintain skin’s elasticity and suppleness and act as a natural moisturiser from within.

SUMMER SKIN will help skin stay soft, supple, hydrated and radiant and can even help you tan safely and help prolong your tan.

Available online from June 01


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