Staying healthy on holiday


The holidays are here (yay!) but with them come some health and beauty issues such as the sun, chlorine, heat, travel and over-indulging on food and alcohol. This week I am therefore giving you some tips and advice on how to stay healthy on holiday.

The flight

Flying can lead to dehydration, dry skin, bloating and for long haul flights there jetlag and the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Here are my top tips for healthy flying and preventing jetlag: 


  • • When you get on the plane, change your watch immediately and start sleeping and eating in-line with your destination time zone
  • • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. For every hour you fly, aim to drink about 500ml
  • • Stay away from alcohol, coffee and tea before, during and after the flight, as these are dehydrating and make jetlag worse. Avoid these for the entire day and night of travel if possible
  • • Bring your own healthy food and snacks if you can and avoid the notoriously unhealthy, processed plane food. Food tastes blander at higher altitudes so plane meals are heavy on salt and sugar. If you have to eat a plane meal, order the vegan option, as this should be based around vegetables, and supplement with some of the snacks below
  • • Pick up a healthy, filling salad at the airport or take your own in a Tupperware along with plenty of the following healthy, portable snacks for the journey.
    · Fruit – prepared fruit salads from the airport, punnets of berries, apples etc.
    · Almonds – my favourite portable snack
    · Oatcakes – great to munch with your salad, less bloating than bread
    · Hummus – a tub of hummus is great with your salad and oatcakes
    · Raw food bars or raw energy balls – filling and satisfy sweet cravings without the sugar
    · Water – as you will need more than they give you
    · Cucumber sticks and apples – are both great for helping you rehydrate
    · Beauty & Go


  • • Many people find that flying makes them feel bloated which is not great if you are heading to the beach! Avoid wheat, fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners and too much dairy, which can all be bloating and chew your food thoroughly. Papaya is great for digestion and asparagus helps flush out water retention, so try these. Probiotics from natural yoghurt or supplements also work well
  • • For long flights, get up and move every hour to reduce the risk of DVT. Smokers, women taking the Pill, anyone who has recently had surgery or is overweight are at greater risk. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol will also help with this

On holiday



Your diet

• Don’t go totally crazy when you get there and undo all your hard work! You will only regret it when you get home. Many of us get in great shape for our holiday only to gain all the weight lost while away. In fact 80% of us gain weight on holiday with an average gain of 7 lbs during a two-week holiday! Limit really ‘letting your hair down’ to a couple of particularly special occasions while you are there, as opposed to every single mealtime!

• Take advantage of the amazing fresh fruits and salads that are on offer. Fresh fish and seafood are also healthy and delicious holiday foods.

• Have a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. Eggs make the perfect breakfast as they keep you feeling full and satisfied and balance your blood sugar levels (they will keep you going for about 4 times longer than a croissant!). Eating eggs for breakfast also means you eat less over the rest of the day. Enjoy them with whole-grain toast, smoked salmon, tomatoes, avocado or spinach.

• Pace yourself – drink alcohol sensibly, especially when it’s hot as you become dehydrated more easily. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water to avoid dehydration and reduce those liquid calories.

• Balance some of the extra calories by staying active – go for a walk along the beach, swim for 20 minutes in the pool or try some new activities such as riding, tennis, water sports etc. Try to do something that gets you moving every day.


Your skin

• Always wear a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin against the ageing effects of the sun. Avoid sun bathing between 11am and 3pm, move into the shade during this time when the sun is strongest.

• If you are concerned about getting enough vitamin D, about 15-20 minutes per day of sun exposure to uncovered skin is enough to meet your requirements – stick to mornings and late afternoon though.

• Beauty & Go Skin Revive contains high levels of antioxidants to help protect your skin against UV and free radical damage, including pomegranate, raspberry and resveratrol from grapes. It also contains the mineral selenium and vitamin E. For more information click here.


When you get home

Beauty & Go Detox is fantastic after periods of over-indulging such as a holiday. Try one or two per day for the next couple of weeks to detox your skin and your body.