Beating Spring Asthenia Spring is finally here, but this doesn’t mean everyone will be full of energy and ‘the joys of spring’. In fact, some alternative health practitioners believe in a concept known as ‘spring asthenia’ whereby the change in seasons can bring on mental and physical fatigue and weakness in some people. The lasting […]

Spring is officially here, it is a time of renewal and rebirth and is the perfect time to give your health and well-being an overhaul. Here are some ideas for simple actions you can take now to give your body, mind and home a ‘spring clean’ and a new lease of life ready for the […]

One in three people suffers with sleep problems according to the National Sleep Foundation, and the number of hours per night is on the decline for the rest of us, with a third of adults getting by on only 5 or 6 hours. The situation is so serious that insufficient sleep has been described by […]

Most of us have been fitness and health focused for January, but going into February those good intentions can start to waver. In fact, over a third of gym memberships are abandoned by the end of January! This week, I am therefore going to provide some inspiration to keep you going with a post dedicated […]

Meditation and mindfulness, once associated with ‘hippy culture’ are fast becoming mainstream and fashionable. Classes are popping up all over the place, some workplaces are using the techniques to improve employee wellbeing and productivity, and the NHS is now using mindfulness therapies for conditions including depression or anxiety. Most of us have a vague idea […]

As the summer is upon us many of us will be eating out more. Holidays usually involve eating out most days and lazy summer brunches and dinners with friends are one of the great pleasures of this time of year. So how do you stay healthy when you eat out and what are the best […]