It can be hard to stay healthy at this time of year, the cold weather can make stodgy food more appealing and special offers in all the supermarkets for unhealthy ‘winter comfort foods’ don’t help. However, you can still get that warm, comforting satisfaction from your food without compromising on health. There are some amazing […]

Deserts and sweet treats are one of the great pleasures at this time of year. Unfortunately most are packed with refined sugars and other ingredients, which are not great for our skin, our general health or our waistlines in excessive amounts. The good news is that you can enjoy deserts and stay healthy at the […]

Autumn is well under way, the leaves are changing, the evenings are darker and the weather is decidedly chilly. Now is the perfect time for snuggling up, all warm and cosy indoors with some comforting food. Comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy though! In fact, the wonderful array of foods in season at the […]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day We’ve all heard the saying but unfortunately breakfast is usually given the least importance of our three meals, often being something grabbed on the way to work or even skipped all together. Making the effort to have a healthy breakfast is worth it though – people […]