Summer is finally here and the warm weather opens up the possibility of getting out of the gym and taking your workout outside. The great thing about summer is that you can exercise virtually anywhere and for free! Exercising outdoors has been shown to boost energy, improve wellbeing and reduce stress even more than doing […]

80% of us gain weight on our summer holiday with an average gain of 3.5lbs per week of holiday! Going on a ‘diet’ can be tempting when you return but overly restricting yourself or cutting out food groups is never a healthy solution. Instead making sensible and achievable changes to your diet and lifestyle that […]

As the summer is upon us many of us will be eating out more. Holidays usually involve eating out most days and lazy summer brunches and dinners with friends are one of the great pleasures of this time of year. So how do you stay healthy when you eat out and what are the best […]

A little sunshine is good for us, stimulating the production of essential vitamin D in the skin. Too much sun however, is your skin’s worst enemy – UV rays are believed to be the single largest contributor to skin ageing. Protecting your skin from sun damage is therefore an important part of your health and […]

Can you believe its half way through May already? Before long it will be summer holiday time, which means that now is the time to start thinking about getting yourself ready for the beach. A couple of months is the perfect amount of time to make lasting and visible changes to the way you look […]